Welcome to WeCoLearning.

Do you manage or work in Design, Development, Content or
Are you engaging or missing people with one or
more disabilities—almost 27% in the U.S.

Accessibility is a Skill You Can Learn.
Every WeCoLearning™ course is crafted by highly trained and experienced
digital accessibility professionals who actually live with disabilities. You and
each member of your team will come away actually understanding digital
accessibility and the challenges of real users with disabilities.

It’s the knowledge you need with the convenience you want. Membership-based. Anytime. Anywhere. All-inclusive.

Two overlapping images: A smiling women with headphones taking WeCoLearning courses on her laptop, and a smiling man in a wheelchair next to a whiteboard.

How does it work?

  • Courses Available. Anytime. Anywhere.
    Office, hybrid, or remote. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Membership-Based. All-Inclusive.
    Individual: 1-year or 2-year membership options. Team and Enterprise: Packages for 20+ members.
  • Self-Paced. Easy to Understand.
    Industry standards and laws explained by experienced digital experts living with one or more disabilities.
  • Covers All Four Primary Disability Classifications.
    Recognized by most governments and users: Cognitive, Hearing, Mobility, and Sight.

Why WeCoLearning?

Get current and relevant information

Our courses are created and maintained by our Accessibility Specialists, who are out in the field every day providing disability services and training to SMEs and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Learn at your own pace

Training is designed with busy professionals in mind. Most learning sections can be worked through in 15 minutes, and save your progress, so you can resume learning again later.

Learn real-world skills

Our Accessibility Specialists live with disabilities, and we believe in real-world testing and providing an understanding of what makes content accessible, rather than just relying on automated tools.

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