Meet our Users

You’ll encounter the following users living with disabilities throughout WeCoLearning’s courses to enhance your understanding of the impact of digital accessibility.

Helen, 75

Helen, a 75 year old woman smiling and walking with a probing cane.

Disability: Blind, early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.
Background: Helen became blind in her early 70’s due to macular degeneration, which is common in her family. She has recently also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Helen is a retired schoolteacher who has found a way to keep enjoying bingo, bridge, and knitting, despite her sight and memory loss.

Melvin, 45

Melvin, a 45 year old man smiling and sitting in his wheelchair.

Disability: Quadriplegic/spinal cord injury, hearing loss.
Background: Melvin was in college when he experienced a spinal cord injury due to a fall while he was rock climbing. He completed his degree in Business Administration after the accident and then started his own customer service remote call center. He manages his business from his home and lives on his own. He has begun to experience hearing loss as he gets older, as well.

Cooper, 23

Cooper, a 23 year old man, is sitting on the ground next to a laptop.

Disability: Blind/low vision, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Background: Cooper was born with an eye condition that has given him some, but limited, vision. He was diagnosed with ADHD in early grade school and takes medication to manage it. Cooper is tech savvy, and he works from home as an IT help desk technician.

Sarah, 36

Sarah, a 36 year old woman standing and smiling with her arms slightly raised.

Disability: Deaf, blind.
Background: Sarah was born deaf and blind. She does not speak and works largely through a tactile interpreter for live interactions, such as attending classes and interviews. Sarah lives with her extended family, who lends her support in getting to social events, school, and work. Sarah is working towards her graduate degree in aerospace engineering. She is not easily daunted and is persistent about pursuing her education and a career she’s seeking as an aerospace engineer.

Charlie, 15

Charlie, a 15 year old nonbinary student smiling and holding a book.

Disability: Epilepsy, dyslexia, partially color blind (red-green).
Background: Charlie was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 7 and dyslexia and color blindness at age 8. They are a sophomore in high school working part time at a coffee shop. They live with their parents and younger sister.